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Fantasia Live at Lincoln Center

View animation from Disney’s golden age, side by side that of today’s generation.  Sequences from Fantasia and Fantasia 2000  will be screened at Lincoln Center in New York City, accompanied by a live symphony orchestra .  By your tix today! … Continue reading

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News: Disney Lays Off Hand-Drawn Animators

DISNEY STUDIOS ENDS 90-YEAR RUN OF DRAWN ANIMATION This was reported earlier this evening by Animation Scoop: Around 150 Disney staffers were let go on Wednesday (less than 5%) as part of an ongoing effort to streamline operations in keeping … Continue reading

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The Camel with Wrinkled Knees

One of Babbitt’s best latter-day scenes is from the feature film, Raggedy Ann and Andy: A Musical Adventure (1977), directed by Richard Williams.  For 1970s animators and kids of the 1970s/early 1980s, the film is still appreciated; for almost everyone … Continue reading

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Country Cousin Draft Mosaic

One of Babbitt’s greatest animated sequences is of drunken Abner, the Country Mouse, in Disney’s Oscar-winning short, “The Country Cousin” (1936).  This mosaic of the animator draft not only includes the names of the artist for each scene, but also … Continue reading

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Ferdinand the Bull

Ever the puckish trickster, Ward Kimball caricatured himself and his fellow animator as the parade of bullfighters in the 1938 Oscar-winning short, Ferdinand the Bull.  The two-page spread below is from a film magazine in Babbitt’s personal collection.  This bit … Continue reading

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Disney Subversives: Ward Kimball and Walt Kelly

Of all the real-life characters in Disney history, Ward Kimball (b. 3/4/14) is one of the most fascinating.  Among the “Nine Old Men” of Disney animation, i.e. the company loyalists, Kimball was the only one who unequivocally felt that the … Continue reading

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Disney’s Art Models

For the Disney artists of the 1930s and early 40s, a huge credit of their exponential growth is owed to the in-studio art classes.  And while teachers like Don Graham and Eugene Fleury deserve their due, this post is to … Continue reading

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Babbitt’s Footage of the 1938 Oscars

Happy Oscar season, everyone! The 10th Academy Awards was a unique event for the Disney Studios: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs received a nomination for best score, and The Old Mill won for best animated short. It was March 10th, 1938 … Continue reading

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The “China Shop” Story

In Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston’s The Illusion of Life (pp72-73), they tell a story about the struggles of an early Disney cartoon and an anonymous animator.  It was mid-1933 and the artists, especially this particular animator, were much more … Continue reading

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“Scotch Highball” Terrytoon draft

Below are the animators drafts for the Terrytoon cartoon “Scotch Highball,” released November 16, 1930. Special thanks to Jerry Beck who noted that each Terrytoon short took three weeks to animate, and was released ten weeks later.  We can infer … Continue reading

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