Art Babbitt in 3 Sentences

Art Babbitt Disney AnimatorBecause of his developments at Disney (the cartoon character analysis; live-action reference; in-studio art classes; the technique of “breaking the joints“; Mickey’s pal Goofy), Art Babbitt was the most widely innovative artist of the Golden Age of animation, and is hugely responsible for making Disney animation what it was.

Art Babbit Strike LeaderWhen he saw injustice in his working community, he stood up, spoke out against it, and risked everything to be the leader of a summer-long labor strike against his boss and public figure, Walt Disney.

Art Babbitt Richard WilliamsWhen he was all but forgotten and his name was “mud” at Disney’s, he was discovered by a London studio and was brought in to teach master classes in animation to the artists who would later animate Who Framed Roger Rabbit and help usher in the Animation Renaissance of the late-’80s.

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4 Responses to Art Babbitt in 3 Sentences

  1. jeff t. says:

    Three sentences and I have sentence 1 respect.. sentence 2 courage … sentence 3 admiration…

  2. Dylan says:

    I hear a lot about Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas in the field. Great to see attention brought to Babbitt!

  3. 2danim8or says:

    Art Babbit – the ’10th Old Man’ of Disney animation! 🙂

  4. Just discovered this fascinating blog … A book sounds incredible.

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