Babbitt’s Footage of the 1938 Oscars


Walt and Shirley Temple at the 1939 Oscars the next year

Happy Oscar season, everyone!

The 10th Academy Awards was a unique event for the Disney Studios: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs received a nomination for best score, and The Old Mill won for best animated short. It was March 10th, 1938 at the Biltmore Hotel (a week late due to flooding), and Art Babbitt was there with his young wife Marge, a 16mm camera and a roll of COLOR film.


The bowl of the Biltmore Hotel (at the previous year’s Oscar ceremony)

The Academy is proud to present:

Frank Capra, W. C. Fields, Louis B. Mayer, Luise Rainer

AW_FrankCapra AW-WCFields AW_LouisBMayer AW_LuiseRainer

Louella Parsons, Mack Sennet, Leo McCarey, Cecil B. Demille

AW_LuellaParsons AW_MackSennetAW_LeoMcCarey AW_CecilBDemille

photographer Hymie Fink, Jack Warner,  and Louise (Mrs. Spencer) Tracy

AW_HymieFInkMaybe AW_JackWarnerMaybe AW_Mystery01

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5 Responses to Babbitt’s Footage of the 1938 Oscars

  1. Gary says:

    Remarkable color footage, thank you for posting. It looks like the Academy Award presentation back then was a loose, fun-filled affair, unlike the self-inflated, pretentious event we see today.

  2. dgh says:

    The lady with the flowers in her hair and the dark dress next to Frank Capra is Louise Tracy, wife of Spencer Tracy, who accepted his Oscar that night I beleive.

  3. Mary Mallory says:

    That’s Louella Parsons with DeMille and Capra.

  4. Roger says:

    Does anybody know the whose who in the “The bowl of the Biltmore Hotel (at the previous year’s Oscar ceremony)” Could that be Errol Flynn on the far left of the photo facing left, with perhaps Jack Warner to his right? Would be fun to know whose who in this picture.

  5. David says:

    Half of Walt Disney’s face is visible in the bottom right corner of the photo, second from the right along the bottom edge.

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