“Scotch Highball” Terrytoon draft

Below are the animators drafts for the Terrytoon cartoon “Scotch Highball,” released November 16, 1930.

Special thanks to Jerry Beck who noted that each Terrytoon short took three weeks to animate, and was released ten weeks later.  We can infer that this cartoon was  animated between August 22 and September 5, 1930.

SH_01 SH_02 SH_03 SH_04 SH_05

Animators assigned are Art Babbitt, Frank Moser, Jerry Shields, Charles Sarka (presumably), Ferd Horvath, and Paul Terry.

Sarka Charles Nicolas Sarka was born in 1879 in Chicago and came to New York as a young adult.  He had painted his way through the South Pacific and was a popular and successful fine artist in New York.  When pop-art hit it big in the ‘teens, his career began a decline.  He became an illustrator for magazines like Blue Book, Collier’s, and later for Harper’s.  During the Depression he took freelance work where he could get it. [1][2][3]

HorvathFerdinand Huszi Horvath was born in Budapest in 1891.  During WWI he spent 2 and a half years in Siberian POW camps.  He joined Paul Terry’s staff at Van Beuren studios by 1926; by the late ’20s he was also a magazine and book illustrator, and exhibited his watercolors and pen sketches to favorable reviews.  Nonetheless, he remained troubled and gave the impression of “the cousin of Dracula.” Soon he would migrate to Disney as a story artist. [4][5]

Terry03Paul Terry was born in 1887, had been a young newspaper illustrator, and joined the animation business in Septemeber of 1920.  With Moser, he left Van Beuren studios in late 1929 and opened up Terrytoons, producing a sound cartoon every two weeks.  He was director and head-writer for all the shorts, and animated on the first dozen, up through “Kangaroo Steak,” released July 27, 1930. [6][7][8]



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2 Responses to “Scotch Highball” Terrytoon draft

  1. markmayerson says:

    Where did the Terry animator drafts come from? How many more of them exist?

    • Art Babbitt says:

      These drafts came from New York’s Museum of Modern Art collection of Terrytoon files. There are about 40 “sketchbooks” – each one consisting of animator drafts, rough layouts for each scene, and the original sheet music for that cartoon. They span 1930-31.

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