Ferdinand the Bull

Ever the puckish trickster, Ward Kimball caricatured himself and his fellow animator as the parade of bullfighters in the 1938 Oscar-winning short, Ferdinand the Bull.  The two-page spread below is from a film magazine in Babbitt’s personal collection.  This bit of animation is worth re-watching (aw hell, the whole short is worth re-watching) – Kimball’s animation is a window into his coworkers: Freddy Moore is toddling like a carefree child; Tytla, a true equestrian, is confidently atop his steed; and Babbitt is strutting defiantly, almost like he owns the place!

FerdinandCaricaturesDisney1 FerdinandCaricaturesDisney2

BabbittWalk_5 BabbittWalk3b BabbittWalk_1d BabbittWalk_1b

Enter the animators at 4:10

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