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Remember to Vote!

Don’t be a goof! Be dogged in exercising your right to VOTE tomorrow. Find your polling location here.

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Hi Rez Disney Strike Protest Sign

Tomorrow is Art Babbitt’s birthday.  In the meantime, enjoy this:  a hi-rez image of my favorite protest sign from the 1941 Disney strike.

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Happy Anniversary Disney Union and Occupy Movement

Just about a week ago, we had 2 labor milestones: The one-year anniverary of the Occupy Movement (starting in Wall Street, New York) and the completion of the 70th full year of Disney’s company union (on Sept 21). Ok, it’s … Continue reading

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Occupy Disney

People protesting, all day, every day, demanding fair wages from the one percent, for they were the ninety-nine percent. Singing songs and carrying signs.  Dressing in costume.  Marching and chanting.  Camping on the neighboring grass.  A tent city in a … Continue reading

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Walk Cycles from “Alice in Wonderland”

Lou Bunin was a stop-motion animation master, but seeing these drawings animate makes me crave a hand-drawn Alice to challenge Disney’s.   I would have loved to have seen more of Babbitt’s drawings move! Thanks to the late, great Shamus … Continue reading

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Art Babbitt’s Guide to Spanish

In January 1942, Art Babbitt went on a solo voyage to South America, probably to clear his head. It was on the heels of the famed Disney Strike.  Art just vilified his boss in front of a global audience.  It … Continue reading

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Welcome to the world of…Art Babbitt!

Of all the people who have put their mark in the history of animation, nobody has affected it more significantly in as many diverse ways as Art Babbitt. I’m Jake Friedman. Like Art, I have been an animator, a teacher … Continue reading

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