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1936 Lecture part 3: Animation is Study

Art Babbitt’s lecture to the Disney Staff on September 23, 1936 continues here.  Don’t miss parts One and Two.  In this section, Babbitt speaks some motivating words about being sensitive and critical to the world all around.

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Art’s Group photo labeling

Years after the Disney group photo (with ice cream) was taken, Babbitt identified and labeled each of the artists in the pic.   His labeling is below.  He worked with the animation team as well as the writing team, sitting … Continue reading

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Happy Leftover Day!

“Turkey, lobster, sweet potato pie/ “Pancakes piled up til they reach the sky/ “Lots of starches, lots of greens, fancy chocolate-covered [beans!]” “I’m gonna eat an’ eat an’ eat an’ eat an’ eat until I die.” -Goofy, in Fun and … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

Well, Gorsh! One thing I’m thankful for is the incredible people I’ve met through this blog — not to mention all the amazing comments you have shared.   It’s so gratifying to know that others are inspired by this blog, so … Continue reading

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Congratulations to President Obama

The Race is Over!  President Barrack Obama has beaten Mitt Romney and won his second term! — even before the votes of Florida have been completely counted, though the state has been leaning toward Obama.  Good thing, too, because otherwise … Continue reading

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Remember to Vote!

Don’t be a goof! Be dogged in exercising your right to VOTE tomorrow. Find your polling location here.

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Hi Rez Disney Strike Protest Sign

Tomorrow is Art Babbitt’s birthday.  In the meantime, enjoy this:  a hi-rez image of my favorite protest sign from the 1941 Disney strike.

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