Babbitt Cameo in The Reluctant Dragon

reluctant+dragon-+benchley+and+kimball-1Do you remember that scene in The Reluctant Dragon in which Robert Benchley watches Ward Kimball draw some original Goofy animation?

The Disney artists were filmed for this movie around March 1941, during the height of union discord at the Disney studio.  All the artists featured in the film are loyalists, future non-strikers.  This includes Ward Kimball, the ad hoc ambassador to the animation department.

The animation for this pencil test itself was done by Woolie Reitherman, assisted by Babbitt’s assistant, Bill Hurtz. Goofy Reluctant Dragon









Personnel director Hal Adelquist testified in court that this was Reitherman’s animation.

Adelquist on Reluctant DragonAnd Bill Hurtz testified that he was brought in from Babbitt’s unit to clean up Reitherman’s work.

Hurtz on Reluctant DragonBut the single drawing that we see Kimball drawing of Goofy ….

Reluctant Dragon - Babbitts Hand










… that is Babbitt’s drawing and Babbitt’s hand.  He was asked to put on Kimball’s shirt and sit under the camera drawing his specialized character.   He so testified below:

Babbitt Reluctant Dragon

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