How Babbitt Changed Animation Methodology – Pt 4 of 4


We’ve discussed how Babbitt contributed to the development of animation and Disney’s golden age in many hugely significant ways.  The last method I’ll touch upon here is his use of Live Action reference.

I’ve talked about it before, but it’s worth repeating how Babbitt used his personal 16mm camera to capture life around him – and then watched that footage for cues on how to animate a scene.  He filmed the footage of Snow White model Marge Champion (then known as Marjorie Belcher) as shown in the clip below.  It was not long before Marge and he were married.

This wonderful little video pays tribute to the live action reference used in several Disney films throughout its history, from Snow White to Sleeping Beauty to Aladdin.  When you watch those clips and see those photos, think of Art Babbitt.

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