“Spooks” Scene from Snow White

Happy Halloween, animation fans!

The “Spooks” Sequence of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs contained some beautiful Dwarf animation by Babbitt.

Along with the Wicked Queen, Dopey was Babbitt’s other main character in the film.


Watching these scenes two or three times, it’s fun to let the eye wander and see what other ancillary animation is done.

For instance, when Doc offers the candle with his shaking hand, you can see Dopey’s determination to get that spastic candle.  What a treat!


Special thanks to Hans Perk at the A. Film L.A. blog for posting the original workdrafts of the film so we can see who animated what.

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5 Responses to “Spooks” Scene from Snow White

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  4. I remember seeing in John Hubley’s collection – a box of artwork he’d sent to his mother when he worked at Disney’s, and she sent it back to him in the late 70’s – all the CU & Inbt drawings of Dopey holding a flickering candle going up the stairs in this sequence. (Sc 40?)

    Lots of pencil shading and five million lines and numbers all over the drawing indicating different colors for all the different shadows that fell all over Dopey. You could almost miss the beautiful drawings under all those numbers to the paint department. How I wish I’d pilfered one of those drawings. They were all so beautiful. I assume they’re in the MoMA now with the rest of the Hubley collection.

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