Babbitt Birthday Brunch


Happy birthday Art Babbitt, you ol’ so-an’-so!  You’ve lied about your age before, but I’m afraid there’s no arguing that today you’re 105 years old.

In around 1940 you and your lovely wife Marge hosted a brunch at your house on Hill Oak Drive.  Some of your best Hollywood pals were there, including Disney animator Les Clark, sculptor Pierre Gagnine (in the stripes) and Elly Horvath (designer).

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3 Responses to Babbitt Birthday Brunch

  1. Susan Babbitt Fine says:

    Jake: Oh my! Sad to think of what we have missed, but so happy to see the early years of his success. As a family member who basked in the joy of his visits to his Brooklyn family (mother Zelda, brother Ike, sister-in-law Elsie, niece Susan), your devotion to telling his story is most welcome. I can’t help but think about his journey from Sioux City Iowa, to Brownsville, Brooklyn and on to Hollywood and the emergence of his enormous talent in the animation industry while wondering what his thoughts and feelings were at that birthday brunch – and how he saw the trajectory of his life. Have always had very strong feelings about him, no doubt nurtured by his devoted mother, my devoted grandmother. His ability to break out of the limiting world of the poor first generation American Jew, cultivate his talents, break into a tough system – and courageously preserve many of his values. His life was not always perfect, but he remains an important figure in the history of our family. I think he would be very pleased to know that he continues to be an inspiration to many of us. Happy birthday Uncle Art.

  2. Andreas Deja says:

    What a treat to watch this home movie!

  3. Laurel James says:

    How adorable. So carefree… Happy B-day Bones. XO

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