Art Babbitt’s Roast: Chuck Jones

Art Babbitt in May, 1974

Chuck Jones is many things:  a father of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, creator of the Roadrunner and Pepe Le Pew, director of the Grinch, … and Art’s Babbitt’s friend.

On May 25th, 1974, when Art Babbitt was 66 years old, he celebrated his 50th year in the animation industry.  The party was guested by legends of the industry – although none of them from Disney.  But his opener was Chuck Jones.

Chuck Jones




In the summer of 1941, when Art Babbitt was leading the Disney animators in their strike against Walt, they were joined by the support of the Warner Brothers animators, led by Chuck Jones.  The Disney artists carrying picket signs now had the combined numbers of the Warner Brothers animators – which isn’t exactly 100% legal, but they didn’t care – it made for good press.  And the Warner guys knew that once Disney – the biggest animation studio in Hollywood – became a union shop, the other studios would have to follow — including theirs.

Chuck Jones during the Disney Strike

After the strike, in court, Chuck was Art’s character witness.  In this opener, he mentions Disney lawyer Gunther Lessing, as well as Pepe Ruiz, T. Hee, Grim Natwick and Phil Monroe.

The M. C. for the event was the incredible voice actress, June Foray.



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