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SAG and the Disney Strike – June 1941

In the early days of the Disney strike, (probably within two days of the first picket,) chairman of the Screen Cartoonists Guild Art Babbitt, with Disney striker John McLeish, contacted the Screen Actors Guild and petitioned the SAG executive board … Continue reading

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Donald Duck says Disney is Unfair

You’ve got to admit, the Disney strikers of ’41 knew how to design a flyer.

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Happy Anniversary Disney Union and Occupy Movement

Just about a week ago, we had 2 labor milestones: The one-year anniverary of the Occupy Movement (starting in Wall Street, New York) and the completion of the 70th full year of Disney’s company union (on Sept 21). Ok, it’s … Continue reading

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Organized Labor vs Steamboat Willie

Sure, Art Babbitt and Walt Disney fought on opposite sides of the union during the Disney Strike, … but Walt Disney had a run-in with union unrest before Mickey Mouse ever premiered in his first film, Steamboat Willie! In late … Continue reading

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Les Clark, of Disney’s Supreme Court

In honor of the recent landmark healthcare decision made by the U.S. Supreme Court, I’m going to talk about one of my favorite past members of the Supreme Court. Disney animator Les Clark. I use “Supreme Court” loosely, but by … Continue reading

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Occupy Disney

People protesting, all day, every day, demanding fair wages from the one percent, for they were the ninety-nine percent. Singing songs and carrying signs.  Dressing in costume.  Marching and chanting.  Camping on the neighboring grass.  A tent city in a … Continue reading

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