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How Babbitt Changed Animation Methodology – Pt 1 of 4

Film history has many great pioneers who were the first to try a new technique and elevate the entire medium.  In live action film, some of the most noted artists to do so are directors and actors.  In animation, it … Continue reading

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Saving Mr. Banks

I just saw Saving Mr. Banks, a dramatic re-enactment of author P. L. Travers and Walt Disney’s head-to-head on the making of 1964’s Mary Poppins. I loved it. Probably due to the Sherman brothers. As a Disney historian, there were … Continue reading

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Disney Fires Babbitt How Many Times?

A question was posed to me recently: How many times did Walt fire Babbitt? In his later years, Art Babbitt was fond of saying things like “Disney tried to fire me five different times” for his union activity at the … Continue reading

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Happy 106th Birthday, Art Babbitt

  In honor of Art Babbitt’s birthday, I’m sharing an interesting bit of European memorabilia.  Ten years ago this year, Babbitt was honored with an exhibit of his work in Austria’s Gallerie Maringer.   … Does anyone care to translate?

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Wicked Queen Gif

Here’s a brief Snow White GIF of some Babbitt animation. This is Sequence 7A, shot 20A, as the Queen says, “Now begin thy magic spell.” As these thirteen images play on a loop, imagine Babbitt flipping the graphite drawings in his … Continue reading

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Babbitt Sues Over $1.29

 If you picked up the New York Times Magazine this past Sunday, you might have glanced at this week’s moral lodestone in “The Ethicist” column. It contextually condemns particular principles that a Mr. Art Babbitt held dear. The printed query … Continue reading

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“Persistence of Vision”

Kevin Schreck’s unauthorized documentary on the making of The Thief and the Cobbler called Persistence of Vision has been running the festival circuit and is making quite a stir.  It’s a cynical dirge about what failed to be the greatest … Continue reading

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